Open Studio


Open studio provides students and artists the ability to work independently on their own projects and improve their own skills.  Open studio hours are monitored but are not an instructional course.  You’ll be able to use the equipment and facility to create your ceramic art.  To qualify to use open studio, our pottery and hand-building class should be completed or show prior knowledge of clay (determination will be made by owner or studio manager).  During open studio the artist is responsible  for all clean- up of equipment and tools prior to departure.  While Earth, Glaze & Fire has clay tools for use, we also offer tools for purchase.

COSTS for Open Studio:

$16 per hour + firing ($5.00 and up) and clay costs ($24.95 for 25 lbs)
$140 for 10 hours including firing + clay costs ($24.95 for 25 lbs)
$240 for 20 hours including firing + clay costs ($24.95 for 25 lbs)

 HOURS for Open Studio:    clean -up of equipment begins 30 minutes prior

Wed and Thurs:  1pm  – 8pm
Sat: 1pm – 6pm
Sun: 1pm – 4pm

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