Paint Your Own Pottery – How It Works

How Much Does It Cost?

Our ceramic prices range as low as $5 to $250+ however, the average piece usually falls in the $10-$25 range.

But I’m Not Creative!

We’ve heard that one a million times!  The good news is that no artist ability is required…only a willingness to have fun!  We have so many ways to spark your creativity you won’t be able to satisfy your artistic side with one piece!  Earth, Glaze & Fire offers a myriad of ways to help you create an unforgettable piece of art.  Whether it’s with stamps, stencils, contact paper or even tape…we’ll teach you to use them all!

May I Bring Food and Drinks?

Yes, we do allow you to bring your own snacks and drinks in.  We do offer bottled water, coffee and tea for $1.00.

Are Your Paints Washable?

Yes!  All of  our glaze paints are completely washable, non-toxic and lead free.  They are perfectly safe for people of all ages!  

*Acrylic paints do stain clothing and is not a fired paint we do have smocks but if you are a messy painter, wear clothes you don’t mind messing up.

What If I Don’t Finish My Piece In One Day?

No problem!  We’ll send your unfinished pieces home with you!  You have up to six (6) months to come back and finish it.  If you are not able to complete your project within the second visit, you will be charged a fee of $10 per visit.

Please know that extended periods (4+weeks, months and years) will have an effect on the bisque and the paints.  We encourage you to complete your project at your earliest.

This Sounds Crazy…but about a year ago I painted a piece that I never picked up…..

We’re sorry, but we can’t hold pottery that has been abandoned.  We give you a 30 day courtesy period to pick up your pottery.  If you need more time just let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate you for an additional month, only.  Otherwise, we’ll consider the piece abandoned and may donate, sell or discard the piece.

How Long Does It Take To Paint Something?

That depends entirely on you.  On average, our customers spend 1 – 2 hours painting.  If you don’t finish you take your piece with you and come back.

Do I Need A Reservation?

It depends!!  Reservations are required if your party is 6 to 8 people to ensure table space.

If your party is 10 or more people, the ‘party area’ must be reserved at the party room rate.  

A 20% gratuity will be added to all groups of 6 or more.  

May I Eat Off Of These Dishes?  Are they dishwasher safe?

Yes!  All our paints and glazes are food safe!  However, they should be hand washed to avoid possible problems over time.

Do You Offer Anything Other Than Paint Your Own Pottery?

YES – but appointments are necessary for the time being.  We offer canvas painting, hand-build clay, pottery wheel and clay canvas painting.  These mediums require zero artistic ability and yet, somehow, you always end up with a FABULOUS piece of art!

What Kinds Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept all major credit cards and cash, no personal checks.