School Fundraising Ideas

Do you need to raise funds for your school?

Earth, Glaze & Fire can help your school raise funds!  It’s easy!   It’s fun!  And it’s rewarding! What better way to earn money for your organization than for everyone participating getting something in return???  Let us tell you all about our most successful fund raiser at Earth, Glaze & Fire. Your organization establishes a price (we’ll use $15 for an example) that you want to charge everyone that “buys a ticket”.  They will bring the ticket to Earth, Glaze & Fire on dates established  and redeemed for one item of ceramics up to and including $15.  Your organization will receive $5 for every ticket redeemed at EG&F.  How easy is that? The only thing we need to work out are the date(s) that this fund raiser takes place.   Call Earth, Glaze & Fire Today: 540-878-5701.

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