Girl Scout Workshops

Girl Scout Arts Education at Earth, Glaze & Fire in Warrenton, VirginiaDaisies, Brownies, Juniors and Cadettes

Earth, Glaze & Fire offers a variety of fun-filled educational arts and crafts workshops for girl scouts! A great way to have fun as a group, and fulfill your girl scout badge requirements at the same time!

Workshops for Daisies and Brownies

Fun With Ceramics and Clay    $25 per girl

Ceramics & Clay is Earth, Glaze & Fire’s specialty!  You’ll work with a variety of clay and ceramic medias and will learn what goes into the glazing and kiln-firing processes. You’ll be amazed at what can do with a lump of clay and what fun pouring a mold can be!  Earn your Ceramics and Clay badge as you mold and fold, paint and create!

Workshops for Juniors

Ceramics and Clay     $25 per girl

Do you like to play with clay?  Join us for this Ceramics and Clay badge workshop and use clay to make beautiful and unique works of art.  You’ll get the chance to work with three different clay media and learn how clay is transformed into fun ceramics and paint your own ceramics piece!

Workshops for Juniors/Cadettes (currently unavailable until Feb 2014)

Glass Fusing     $25 per girl

Glass fusing is a “hot” new craft that has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years.  It’s the process of using a kiln to heat glass until the pieces flow and fuse together into vibrant designs.  You’ll learn all about warm glass, including varieties of glass for fusing, how to cut glass, and more!  You’ll also create a one-of-a-kind project at Earth, Glaze & Fire’s “glass bar.”

Most projects done at Earth, Glaze & Fire will need to be FIRED and will not be ready for immediate take home.  You will need to return to the studio – following a phone call or email –  for pick-up in 10 to 14 days from completion….depending on whether it’s ceramics, glass or clay.  We look forward to working with YOU!

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